an ephemeral and meaningful light

for events

a relaxing light

for your well-being areas

an on-demand light

in products

a sustainable light

in the landscape

Light is literally everywhere!

That's why Glowee developed something more than a simple product, a biological raw material that can take any shape, to address the multiple needs for and uses of lighting.


Temporary installations to deep dive in the illumination revolution

Engage yourself and support us by financing research on bioluminescence using one of our bioluminescent set-ups in your event.


They will create a unique and immersive experience, transporting your guests into the heart of a bio-inspired revolution,showing its implications and uses in the city of tomorrow.


The Glowzen room, a immersive room to escape and relax

The Glowzen Room is an innovative and unique relaxation experience using biophilic design and bioluminescence to disconnect from a busy life and reconnect to nature.

It immerses your clients for 17 minutes into the rich imaginary offered by bioluminescence.


A bio-inspired on-demand light to be integrated

into products

Bioeconomy is a strategic issue for tomorrow's industries. This is where Nature is so strong. Bioluminescence can help to replace petrochemical products with biological ones. 

Sports, leisures, cosmetics, packaging, night life, luxury (and so much more) are industries that jump into this bio-inspired revolution with bioluminescence. 


Sustainable systems for tomorrow's landscape


In collaboration with energy companies, real estate companies, architects, landscape architects,  municipalities, artists, designers, builders or hotels Glowee answers your needs for sustainable lighting. 

Let's imagine together where we will be able to use bioluminescence! 

Any projects? Any questions? Want to be involved? Contact us!

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