More than ever, in a world where everything goes faster and faster, we need to pause, relax,  have a break and disconnect. 

a relaxation room enlightened by bioluminescence

The Glowzen Room is an innovative, immersive and inspiring relaxation experience offered by bioluminescence, a living light coming from the ocean.


Hypnotic and soothing, the light invites you to reconnect with nature.

The Glowzen room has been created following the patterns of biophilic design.

improving general well-being

improves concentration and creativity 

by helping to focus attention on simple details 

improves mental health and tranquility

by balancing the body and mind

reduces stress by reducing systolic pressure, stress hormones production and heart rate

generates positive emotions and good mood by reducing sadness and agressiveness



a unique relaxation moment offered by

the light


  • the softness of light allows to see without tiring your eyes or brain 

  • the imaginary associated to bioluminescence facilitates disconnection 

  • the blue-lagoon wavelength, already used in chromotherapy to relax


the space

under the canopy

  • a lying position to facilitate blood flow 

  • natural and organic materials and shapes to feel like in nature

  • a progressive adaptation to darkness to facilitate focus and help the brain rest

the experience

17 minutes immersion

  • a precise timing to let your brain relax

  • a sound experience to accompagny the relaxation moment

  • a contemplation phase with sounds from nature

  • a reconnection and inspiration phase une phase to end the experience



for all

no specific outfit

accessible for all ages

accessible for individuals and groups 

engaged for a sustainable planet

a biosourced and biodegradable living light

consumes the equivalent of 2 flush/day

consumes two times less electricity than a chromotherapy device