Glowee, the light from the sea! A living lighting energy, needing no electricity, emitting very few CO2 and light pollution. A light coming directly from nature, at the crossroads of biomimicry and synthetic biology, ready to revolutionize our way to produce, consume and light up!

    What if we would no longer need electricity

    to produce light?

  • Are you familiar with bioluminescence?

    Bioluminescence is a chemical reaction regulated by a gene, enabling living organisms to produce light naturally. Over 90% of  marine organisms are bioluminescent (algae, jellyfishes, squids, shrimps ... to name but a few).

  • Technology

    We use the genes coding for bioluminescence for bacteria living in symbiosis with squids.

    They are inserted into common bacteria which are both non-toxic and non-pathogenic. 

    Once we have engineered and grown these bacteria, they are encapsulated into a transparent

    shell, alongside a medium composed of the nutrients they need to live and make light.

  • A bio-inspired disruptive innovation


    Glowee develops a biological source of light, using natural properties of marine micro-organisms. 

    The goal: to disrupt the way we produce and consume light, by offering a living and self-sufficient

    lighting raw material, requiring no installation infrastructures. 


  • Why should we develop a biological source of light ?

    Glowee is an alternative solution to electricity. Two ambitions motivate our project :

  • Ephemeral installations

    Glowee's added value is not confined to the fantastic light it emits. By using Glowee, become a pioneer of the biotech revolution and show your engagement for a more sustainable world!
    Duration : 1 night

    Shopfront Lighting

    from 2017

    Use Glowee to enlight your shopfront and stay within the boundaries of the French decree of 2013 forbidding the electrical lighting of shops & offices at night! Benefit from this cold, soft and unique light to gain in visibility, while fighting against global warming

     Duration: 1 month - subscription-based business model

    Urban landscape

    from 2018

    Glowee is a light that can easily be integrated to the urban landscape. Buildings, signs, highlights, urban furniture ... the potential for use is limitless!

  • Ecological benefits

    Glowee's main goal is to tackle the damages made to nature, by offering a clean

    lighting system that would need no electricity, and emit very low light pollution

    and CO2. We do so by disrupting the whole process!


    Bacteria grow exponentially, with very light infrastructures. The shell requires only simple processes like thermoforming / molding / 3Dprinting.


    No infrastructures or any additional material and energy from any kind are needed. Moreover, its light is cold which means that all the energy generated is used in the light production process. It is also less intense allowing to limit the effect of light pollution and visual pollution.


    All our business models include the treatment of  the used products. This enables us to lower our impact on the environment, thanks to the incineration of the organic material.

  • Glowee's news

    Our founder named by the MIT

    Sandra is part of the selection of the 10 most innovative french under 35, named by the famous MIT Technology Review

    This year, after evaluating more than 200 candidates, the jury has selected the 10 Innovators Under 35 France.


    Discover Sandra's TED talk about the future of bioluminescence

    Palais de Tokyo, 18th may 2016, TED@BCG

    Medias are talking about us !

    Glowee is featured on CNN !

    The show Make, Create, Innovate asks a simple question : Can Paris be the City of Biological Lights ?

  • Exploration - Changing Nature of Nature

    Discover a discussion between geneticists, designers, technology imaginaries, and bioengineers including Samuel our CSO, about the future of synthetic biology. With our new powers enabled by synthetic biology, what kind of world will you help build? By Bryan Johnson.

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    Glowees' Team

    At Glowee, you can find any kind of profile! From design to environmental engineering through biotech, corporate finance, social entrepreneurship or synthetic biology, we are all gathered to make the illumination revolution!

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